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Q&A Sort will allow you to find the most followed questions, the most answered questions and will help you sort them based on interest and engagement.

Searching for a solution to your traffic problems? With more than 687 million visitors each month, Quora and similar websites are a true traffic generating powerhouses.

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The short answer is YES! This is how you do it:

Find what people are most concerned with, what questions they ask, and how many times those questions were answered. Sort information by:

1 Most followed questions
2 Most answered questions
3 Most up-voted questions (coming soon)

Get access to this type of information fast and easy. Save time, save energy, and ultimately save money.

Put the right product in front of the right people at the exact perfect time when they need it.

Traffic is consistent since the content you're posting is evergreen (meaning there will be interest for it for years)

This is how the google analytics looks like for one of our websites that got 2,131 unique visitors and clients from

I've answered a few questions people had about facebook groups and how they could increase their members and get more leads from facebook.

I referenced my website as the solution to their problem, they visited my website and bought the software.

Too easy!

HOW Do You Get Traffic...

Without Spending A Dime In Ads Or Wasting Time on SEO?

Answering questions on quora or any other similar site should not be time consuming.

In fact, by answering about 30 questions myself, I got these numbers you can see here. Remember these are views in the last 3 months for the answers I posted.

The more questions you answer, the more traffic you get.

And do you know the best part about it?

These people search for real solutions to real problems!

Problems they're willing to pay for in order to have them fixed. So if you have a service or product that solves big problems for people, you're missing out!


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Q: how many questions do i need to answer to get traffic?

As many as you can, but as long as the questions you're answering are relevant to the audience you're trying to serve, there shouldn't be too many. We got excellent results with just 30 answers


Almost immediately, based on how your answers are received. Obviously, the more you post answers, the more traffic you'll get.

Q: does q&a work with other q&A SITES LIKE YAHOO ANSWERS?

Not at the moment, but we're working on it, as well on adding in more features.

Q: can i cancel my membership if i don't like the software?

Obviously. All you have to do is CLICK HERE and follow the on-screen steps.

Q: how can i contact you if i face issues?

When you purchase, I'll give you access to our support info, and you'll get any questions you might have answered in under 24 hours.

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Privacy Policy: Your Information Is 100% Secure

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